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Why Lucky Elixir

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Owners of The Brewkery (makers of Lucky Elixir Kombucha) Amy Goldman and Sean Galloway, share a unique interest in fermentation. The duo first explored kombucha when they were looking for a non-alcoholic fermented drink to brew for their local farmers’ market. It was a hit with customers, and demand soon went through the roof! Since that original summer in 2015 they have shared their love of Kombucha with the rest of Kansas City and beyond by brewing Lucky Elixir Kombucha and becoming a go-to source for local craft brewed kombucha.  In 2018, they opened opened The Brewkery, a kombucha taproom in North Kansas City, adjacent to their production facility that features rotating flavors of their kombucha on tap. 

Specializing in raw, full-bodied kombucha that bridges tradition and innovation, we strive for a perfect balance of sweet and sour in every batch.


Kombucha, an ancient drink, which has been called the “elixir of life,” starts with fresh-brewed sweetened tea. It is then fermented with a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria & yeast.) The tea can then be blended with herbs, fruit, and spices to create unique, flavorful concoctions. The result is a naturally effervescent, earthy, and tangy tonic that is chock-full of healthy acids and antioxidants. As kombucha provides beneficial detoxifiers; it has been known to help the body in myriad of ways. Kombucha is alive, teeming with beneficial microorganisms and active bacteria cultures that provide the body with a great source of nutrition. Kombucha is also a fantastic, healthful alternative to sugary soda or energy drink. Even though the tea starts out sweetened, a majority or the sugars are consumed by the SCOBY during the fermentation process, leaving a low level of sugar in the finished drink.


Your taste buds will wake up and delight in sweet and sour notes. You’ll taste strange and familiar. Bold and subtle.... all at the same time!