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According to Wikipedia, the event known as "Dry January" first began in the UK in January 2013. Since that time it has grown in size and significance. While the concept of Dryuary is pretty simple — abstain from drinking alcohol for 31 days, the actual doing may not be as simple.

After learning about it from my nephew, Amy and I first attempted Dryuary last year, 2020. We looked at it as a way to reset our heads and as a challenge of sorts. We are not huge drinkers but our original business concept was beer and bread, long before kombucha came around. So safe to say, we don't mind putting a few away on a given night after a long day of cleaning kegs and pouring flights. That first experience was more difficult than I thought, I slipped up more than she did but I did realize what effect a clean sober mind can have on my psyche and my creativity.

Thankfully it was January 2020 and not April 2020 as COVID-19 would have made it pretty much impossible. When February came around and the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl for the first time in my life, well as Bob Cratchit would say, I made rather merry. However, the lesson I learned from that first attempt at Dryuary was this — it is always good to step back, reassess and with a clear mind try to figure out the path you are taking in your life.

I know Dryuary is not for everyone, I scoffed at first and made fun of my nephew. But if you are up for a challenge and believe it is for you, I encourage you to attempt it. It does not have to be January or another other specific timeframe, just keep track and make the effort and I believe you will see positive results. Kombucha is obviously a great way to help get through a brief non-drinking period as it is fermented with very similar microorganisms as it's alcoholic brethren. It also tastes great and can help satisfy that urge to crack open a cold one or pop that bottle of wine at night.

Six days into Dryuary 2021, Amy and I are going strong and really taking the time to take stock of where we are and all of the luck we have in our lives. I have committed to start doing things like writing this blog and really focusing on those loose ends in both business and life that have been neglected for too long. A clear mind sure does help me stay focused...but of course I am still looking forward to the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV!

Sean Galloway
Head Dishwasher
The Brewkery

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